Warehouse Sale!  While supplies last, September thru Christmas 2005, special quantity-order discounts for quantities of 50 and 100 walking sticks 5% and 10% off current wholesale price.  For metal putters in quantities of 50-100, 10% and 20% off.  Call Dave on 410-267-0511 for price and delivery info.  Click Here for price list


These genuine irish putters caught the fancy of dedicated golfers worldwide because they are exceptionally well constructed, expertly balanced, attractive, all around grand, and certainly a discussion opener.

In the folklore of Ireland, the Blackthorn tree is a source of fear and good fortune because the "little people" are said to dwell there. Damage to the Blackthorn tree is thus avoided and it is quite common to see a farmer's plowline curve to avoid 'the tree'. On the other hand, care in pruning and use of the sticks of the tree may well be the way to success and good fortune because the little people really do appreciate constructive behaviour. Gently care for this fine club and your luck will enhance, your putts will be accurate, your days will be sunny and your zest for golf and life itself will surely improve.

Suggested Retail Prices

Wood $120

Metal $80

Walking $50

To purchase golf clubs, please contact the distributor nearest you at the following numbers.

Dave Aland  410-267-0511
California Richard Cloonan 619-673-4490
Florida Jackie Products 941-486-0234
Illinois Fitzgerald Associates 708-499-0425
Maryland Tri State Distributors
Leo Walsh <welshs@rpcs.pvt.k12.md.us>
Ohio Creative Irish 330-405-6646

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