Brendan's Voyage      Worth the Read!!


I want to thank you for the wonderful gift of music. It means more to me than I could explain... (Which doesn't stop me from trying, I suppose)
When I was rather young, somewhere between 20-25 years ago, I wager, my parents left us in care of the local librarian for a week or so as they went all the way from Middle of Nowhere, Washington to Denver for one of my mother's art contests.  Sadly, she didn't win that year, but they came back from the trip with at least one prize. It seems, while they were there, that they heard some Irish band at a bar, playing a live show. My dad was so impressed that he had to go up and compliment the band, and came away with a tape. "Brendan's Voyage" was the band.  That one tape became one of the most frequently listened to albums in my entire life. When the original started to wear, we recorded it. Then we recorded the recording. And recorded the recording of the recording, and so on, across the more than two decades. The music on that tape is etched in my heart like the tracks of an ancient river.
Through triumphs and tragedies, I listened to that tape. I'm not saying I listened to that tape and only that tape. But when things were at the lowest, I would sing with, "... last night we spoke of love, now we're forced apart. You leave to the sound of a marching drum, and the beat of a lover's heart." When I was feeling joyous, Jug of Punch and St. Brendan's Voyage played... And so on.
I was, for a time, homeless. After my fiance passed away, I slipped a cog and left the world behind. I lived for several months in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Reserve in Montana, until winter made it too difficult to stay there and I was forced to return to civilization. I was gone from the world for a little over two years, and among my only possessions that were not for survival was a walk-man and two tapes. Metallica's "Ride the Lightning" and a recording of a recording of a recording of a recording of Brendan's Voyage.  On my way back home to try being a functioning human being again, the leather bag I kept my tapes and player in were stolen at a Greyhound Station. I thought I had lost that music for good. I searched online (apparently, not very well) but couldn't find a trace. Then, about five years ago, my mother found a bunch of cassettes while going through boxes she had placed in storage ten years prior. Among them was a recording of a recording of a recording of a recording of Brendan's Voyage. Due to long years of neglect in a storage unit, the tape was barely playable. Warped almost beyond recognition. But I still listened to it, because my memory heard the notes true, even if the tape could not. It lasted a week before the tape snapped. I am not so proud that I cannot admit I wept.

I wept, again, a couple weeks ago, when my older sister found your website. I didn't want to get my hopes up, but when the cd came in...
... I'm sorry I didn't get back to you, sooner. I work ten hour shifts, so I am not often online.  I simply cannot express what it means to me to have even four of the original songs from that tape...

I could never thank you enough, both for the gift of the CD, and for your wonderful music.  I caught myself humming one of the instrumentals, even just now......~Tucker...

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