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Pat Garvey has been playing Irish folk music in the Washington D.C. area since 1978.  A native of Hungry Hill ("Home of the Irish") in Springfield, Massachusetts, he moved to D.C. to join a folk group called "The Gaels".  Pat began a solo career in 1984 appearing in clubs and festivals throughout the U.S. when in 1994 he signed on with "Brendan's Voyage", a duo with keyboard artist Fergus Kennedy.  After a stint as the owner of Mrs. O'Leary's Irish Pub in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Pat Garvey is back as a full time performer and may be seen at such venues as The Dubliner in Washington D.C.; Murphy's Irish Pub in Alexandria, Virginia; The Auld Shebeen, Fairfax, VA;  Celtic House in Arlington, Virginia;  Grace O'Malley's in Norfolk, VA,  Kevin Barry's Irish Pub in Savannah, Georgia and Galway Bay in Annapolis, MD and Brian Boru in Severna Park, MD.  Stop in for a pint and be ready to sing along!

In May 2015, Washington Post columnist John Kelly, interviewed and recorded Pat Garvey singing "The Wall", which is a song written by Tim Murphy about the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in Washington, DC.  A very moving song and so appropriate for Memorial Day.  If you have a father, husband, son, daughter, brother, cousin, friend, classmate that died in the Vietnam War, you owe it to yourself to listen to this song.  This song is also available on Pat Garvey's CD, "A Rose, a Letter, a Poem".  See below for CD.  The direct link to this Washington Post article and video of Pat performing "The Wall" is here:



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1. (Still Waiting at) The Wall.  Tim Murphy   2.  South Winds   O'Carolan   3. Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake   McNulty Family   4. Reels: Moving Cloud, Canadian Reel  Traditional   5. Jolly Roving Tar   Traditional     6. Hornpipes: Willum's, Sweeps.   Traditional    7. Jig: Tripping up the Stairs    Traditional     8. Darling Little Girl from Clare   Percy French     9. Lady from Bendigo    Eric Bogle     10. Brendan's Lullaby   Joseph B. Garvey     11.  Mary Ellen Carter    Stan Rogers


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1. Winds of Morning    T. Makem     2.  Immigrant Eyes    Guy Clarke/Roger Murrah     3.  Boogie Reel/Flogging reel     4.  Lough the Boat Song     5. Coal Town Road   A Mac Gillinray     6. Botany Bay   B Warfield     7. Bridget O'Malley     8. Jack Haggerty     9.  General Guinness     10.  Donegal Reel/Sally Gardens     11. Water is Wide     12.  O'Carolan's Medley  Planxty Irwin/O'Carolan's Draught  Morgan Megan/O'Carolan's Concerto     13.  When the Boys Come Rolling Home   T. Sands


CD $15  Order by emailing  or calling 703-303-4755

1. The Boys from the County Cork     2.  Come by the Hills     3.  Goodbye Mick     4.  Battle of New Orleans     5. Donegal/wind that Shakes the Barley     6. Sing of the Sea     7. The Frost is all Over     8.  Gentle Annie     9. Rocky Top     10.  Join the British Army     11.  Bonnie Kate/Jenny's Chicken



CD $15  Order by emailing  or calling 703-303-4755

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Pat Garvey/Irish American musician/singer/songwriter from Springfield, Massachusetts.

 Videoclips in Memory of our USA Veterans.

Still Waiting at The Wall. (author: Tim Murphy, singer/musician/artist: Pat Garvey

This song is a tribute in Honor of Our Vietnam Veterans whose names are written on the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall in Washington, DC.  Song is available on Pat Garvey's CD, "A Rose, A Letter, A Poem".

For more info on this song and a Washington Post Article from May 2016, click the link below:


Pat Garvey singing this beautiful tribute to our US Military Vietnam Vets who never made it home.

A very long awaited "THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!!"  May all the joys life offers, be brought to your families in honor of your service to our country!  "Some Gave All". RIP


"Last Summer Day", written and sung by Pat Garvey, in memory of Lt. Brendan Looney, graduate of DeMatha High School in Hyattsville, MD.

Pat Garvey

Irish American-Singer/Songwriter

"Last Summer Day" song in memory of Brendan Looney, killed in action in Afghanistan, 2010. Click link below to hear song.

"Walk With Me"-Tribute to Brendan Looney, performed by Pat Garvey.

"Walk With Me" performed by Pat Garvey.

"Brendan Our Brother"


"Brendan Our Brother"

Performed by Pat Garvey

"Last Call" song by Ponton/Garvey-Tribute to the Dubliner Irish Pub, Wash. DC 2015

"Last Call" song by Ponton/Garvey-Tribute to the Dubliner Irish Pub, Wash. DC 2015