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This CD was intended for long time fans of Sean Fleming's.  It's sort of a chronology of Sean's recordings over the years, beginning in 1969 all the way through the current band in 2003. Very interesting artists make guest appearances on some of the songs, to include:  Paul Brady and Tommy Mulvihill 

Songs Include:  1.  Look for the Silver Lining  2.  Springfield  3.  Reels  4. The Town I Loved So Well  5.  Yarmouth Town  6.  Jigs  7.  Love is Teasing  8. The Wild Pacific Shore (original by Sean Fleming) 9. She Moved Through the Fair  10. The Lark in the Morning  11. The Shores of America  12. Fire Island (original by Sean Fleming).  The next 4 tracks are the current Sean Fleming Band of Justin Jordan, Steve Holley and Bruce Gordon   13.  Fields of Athenry  14.  Barnastrade  15.  The West Awake  16.  Give Ireland Back to the Irish 

Blonde Album

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Songs Include

1.  Rocky Road to Dublin  2. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shores  3.  Killarney in My Soul  (original by Sean Fleming) 4.  Ar An Rothar  5.  Fiddler's Green  6.  Asking for the Rights (original by Sean Fleming) 7.  Hollywood Seems So Far Away (original by Sean Fleming)  8.  Song For Miah  (original by Sean Fleming)  9.  You Can't Give Me What I Want  (original by Sean Fleming)  10.  Heather on the Moor  11.  A Waltz  (original by Sean Fleming) 12.  Reels

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